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Special Occasions Packages

Special Occasions Treatment Plan

18 months before

The Special Occasions Treatment Packages are designed to have a skin journey on the road to glowing, hydrated healthy skin for your big day whatever that may be. Packages have been put together at discounted prices to make it more affordable and as a thank you for trusting Pure Beautification with your skin. An initial consultation is a the starting point, we will begin formulating your personalised treatment plan, factoring in your unique skin needs and concerns. My mission is to guide you on the journey to achieving optimal skin health and radiance, ensuring that you glow confidently on your special day. A skincare regimen will also be recommended to compliment treatments for at home care and to prepare your skin for more advanced treatments.

12 months before

12 months before your special occasion is the time to bring in the big guns. This is when you want to boost your collagen and elastin fibres to tone, re-hydrate and target the problematic areas. The Neopen Mesoneedling treatment will stimulate cell turnover for rejuvenated, smoother, radiant, younger-looking skin.

Also, if you're considering enhancing your natural beauty with cosmetic treatments to reduce wrinkles, starting this process a year ahead gives you plenty of time to see the results, assess how your skin responds and decide if you're happy with the outcome.


8 Months Before

Consistency is key to beautiful skin, and now is the perfect moment to ensure your daily regimen is working towards your skin goals.

First, ensure that sunscreen application becomes second nature. This is essential to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent premature ageing, pigmentation and redness. Second, use moisturisers diligently to keep your skin hydrated and supple. Don’t forget to extend the love to your neck and décolletage. These areas are often overlooked but can show signs of ageing or sun damage.

Finally, schedule regular facials at this point. These treatments can help deeply cleanse your skin, improve circulation, and provide hydration and nourishment. Regular facials not only contribute to the overall health of your skin but also allow for relaxation and self-care during the exciting, albeit sometimes stressful, wedding preparations.

6 Months Before 

The six-month mark is about introducing more intensive treatments, such as Neopen Mesotherapy, and ensuring a smooth schedule for your pre-wedding skincare journey. This is beneficial if you have specific skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, fine lines or uneven skin tone. 


3 Months Before

Three months out, we would be looking to conduct treatments that produce the most dramatic effects over a longer period, such as skin needling (to improve texture, even out fine lines and reduce pore size), chemical peels (this is individually customised to each client depending on their skin needs) and some custom facials. 


1-2 Months Before



When we’re 1-2 months out from the day, we focus on treatments such as plumping and hydrating, regenerating, exfoliating and smoothing out the skin’s surface. With your consent, we would use Hydrating facials, or dermaplaning.

 Two months out, we would continue with the chemical peels.

One month out from the big day, we would reduce the chemical peels to a very mild formula, begin oxygen therapy facials.


What to Avoid as Your Special Event Gets Closer

Avoid experimenting with any new treatments at this point.  If you have planned ahead, you have mostly reached your goals at this point. Avoiding new products and treatments can help prevent adverse reactions.

In the two weeks leading up to the wedding, we would not recommend treatments with significant potential downtimes, such as injectables or skin needling. Similarly, we would always advise not to have strong peels, which could also cause irritation or breakouts.


One Week Before the Big Day 

In the days before the event, we usually use a combination of chemical peels and hydrating facials in the lead-up to the big day. However, due to the instantaneous nature of the results, we suggest a hydrating therapy facial one to two days prior to the wedding for that ultimate glow. 


The Day Before

Hydrate, soothe and moisturise. The big day is almost here!

On Your Special Day 

Make sure your skin is exfoliated to ensure an even makeup application. Our go-to product for a client on the day of the event is the Aspect Fruit Enzymes Mask (which can be purchased through Pure Beautification). A total must-have!  Also, moisturise and use water-based skin care products–nothing heavy.


Plan Your Skin Treatments with Pure Beautification

As much as I preach preparation, if you’ve left making your skin appointment a little late, that’s ok! I will always do everything possible to ensure you are glowing at your special event! Contact me today, and I’ll assemble the perfect bridal skin care regimen for you. 

Recommended Products for glowing skin on your special day!

Cosmedix - Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser
Cosmedix - Hyaluronic Serum
Cosmedix - Glow Mask
Cosmedix - Affirm Serum
Cosmedix - Humidify Moisturiser
Cosmedix - Opti-Crystal Eye Serum

Aspect - Fruit Enzyme Mask
Airyday Dreamscreen Clear As Day, SPF50

Natural Beauty


Savings You Will Love


3 Months Package

3 x Neopen Meseotherapy $920

3 x Chemical Peels $240

1 x Hydrating Facial $85

1 x Epidermal Levelling $110

Total = $1,350

Saving = $363


6 Month Package

6 x Neopen Mesotherapy $1,800

6 x Chemical Peels $480

3 x Hydrating Facials $255

1 x Epidermal Levelling $110

1 x Nano-Infusion Needling $110

Total = $2,891

Savings = $578


12 Months Package

10 x Neopen Mesotherapy $3,000

10 x Chemical Peels $800

6 x Hydrating Facials $480

2 x Epidermal Levelling $220

2 x Nano-Infusion Needling $100

1 x Cosmetic Anti Ageing Treatment Consultation

Total = $4,600

Savings = $1,360

(Price is not including Anti Ageing treatments)


18 Months Package

14 x Neopen Mesotherapy $4,400

14 x Chemical Peels $1120

8 x Hydrating Facials $640

2 x Epidermal Levelling $200

2 x Nano-Infusion Needling $200

1 x Cosmetic Anti Ageing Treatment Consultation

Total = $6,560

Savings = $1,706

(Price is not including Anti Ageing treatments)

All Packages can be adjusted to suit your needs more specifically
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