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Epidermal Levelling

What is Epidermal Levelling?

The Epi-dermal Levelling Treatment involves the use of a patented sterile disposable ‘blade’ that gently removes dead skin cell build up and fine facial hair also known as "peach fuzz". The result is a refreshed and renewed healthy glowing skin. This process also aids product penetration, such as skin peels and medical skin care. We can combine levelling with tailored facials and skin peel treatments as an add on depending on the individual needs of your skin and what you’re wanting to achieve.

Benefits of Epidermal Levelling

  • Perfect treatment for sensitive skin

  • Safe for pregnant or breastfeeding as there is no need for the use of product on the skin.

  • Can be used together with other treatments or in conjunction with chemical peels

  • Epidermal levelling will remove the fine, white vellus hair that is unable to be treated with laser, without changing the growth of the hair (it will not grow back coarse or dark).

  • Improves uneven skin tone - Minimises superficial acne scarring while improving uneven skin tone.

  • Slows ageing skin - Perfect for more mature skins, removing cellular build up that slows with age.

  • Provides a flawless makeup base - Gives skin the perfect canvas for a flawless makeup application


How Does It Work?

Your skin will be double cleansed to remove all makeup/ products and then thoroughly dried before commencing. 

Using a sterile disposable blade, we create swift movements back and fourth over the surface of the skin that lifts away epi-dermal cell build up and the fluffy peach fuzz hair growth. A fruit enzyme mask is then applied to help remove any excess cell build up, hydrating mask, serums, moisturiser + SPF.

This results in a very smooth skin surface and a nice healthy glow, perfect before an event.


When Will I Notice Results?

You will notice results instantly after your treatment. The skin will have a healthy glow and feel very smooth.


Will My Hair Grow Back Thicker?

No, this is a myth. Your hair growth will grow back at the same rate however it may feel a little thicker if you run your hands over the area as it starts to growth back a few weeks later. This is when the hair is coming through above the surface however once it is through it will feel how it has always felt.

How Often Do I Need A Treatment?

Depending on your hair growth, treatments may vary from 4-8 weeks.

There is no downtime associated with this treatment.


60 Minute Treatment

Epidermal Levelling with hydrating facial $110

Epidermal Levelling with Professional Mask or Peel $130

Packages Available: 

When you pay upfront for 3 treatments 


Epidermal Levelling and hydrating facial     $300

Epidermal Levelling and Professional Mask or Peel  $390

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